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Podcast - Overcoming adversity

She herself is Unstoppable and she named her podcast …you guessed it.. Choose Unstoppable. I was fortunate to be a guest on her podcast to share my story about moving from Grief to Grace.

Link to the podcast:

74: How Tragic Loss Shaped Her Re-Creation And Her Purpose W/Cheryl Parker



Cheryl Parker

Article by Cheryl Parker

Cheryl Parker is a certified grief expert who has been working with clients for 14 years. She is a grief and wellness coach who helps clients to empower themselves and work through areas of their life where they are stuck. Cheryl specializes in assisting clients to release the pain caused by losses such as death, divorce, mental health issues, job loss, loss of financial status, retirement, empty nesters, loss of pets etc. She also facilitates Mental Health Workshops in the workplace teaching strategies that help employees deal with difficult situations. Cheryl is friendly and compassionate, and she truly wants to help people heal from their losses.