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Tools to navigate through Grief

We all have coping strategies but they only get us so far before we feel the need to surrender and find new ways to support ourselves through these uncertain times. I have provided some new ways for you to navigate through the rough waters of grief. Remember to be kind to yourself as you try some of these new tools.

  • Be kind to yourself

  • Surround yourself with supportive people (virtually during Covid-19)

  • Minimize negative screen time (Social media, news broadcasts, CNN etc)

  • Get lots of sleep (grieving is exhausting)

  • Be kind to yourself

  • Eat Healthy (I know sleep and eating right seems obvious, but we often take our eyes off the ball when we are grieving. Our emotions get the better of us or we get distracted with comfort food)

  • Write down your feelings (Journal, Blogs, poetry etc)

  • Verbalize your feelings (with a friend that feels safe, counselor, coach etc.)

  • Be kind to yourself

  • Breathing exercise (Sit comfortably, remove anything from your hands, ensure your arms and legs are not crossed, close your eyes) - Take 5 deep breaths. Breath in, to the count of 5 and exhale to the count of 5)

  • Use your coping strategies in moderation and be aware when/if you are using them to avoid dealing with your feelings of loss

  • Palming (Rub your hands together back and forth to create friction and heat), place them over your face cupping the curve of your hand over your eyes, so all you can see is darkness. Take a breath through your nose and out through your mouth 3 times slowly If colours appear, hold it there till the black returns (could take 2-3 minutes)

  • Be kind to yourself

  • Unplug. Carve some time into your schedule to unplug from your regular routine

  • Do an activity that you love (Writing, tinkering with your car, go for a drive, go for a walk (social distancing during Covid-19), sit by the water (in your car if the beaches are closed during Covid-19), listen to music, paint, colour, garden, or whatever makes your heart sing)

  • Listen to your body and give it what it needs

  • Create quiet and stillness (Meditation, yoga, praying)

  • Be kind to yourself

  • Quiet and stillness, breathing exercises along with the palming and enjoyable activities, are all good for your nervous system. It moves us from Sympathetic to Parasympathetic.

Here are some other free resources if you would like to learn more:


Cheryl Parker

Article by Cheryl Parker

Cheryl Parker is a certified grief expert who has been working with clients for 17 years. She is a grief and wellness coach who helps clients to empower themselves and work through areas of their life where they are stuck. Cheryl specializes in assisting clients to release the pain caused by losses such as death, divorce, mental health issues, job loss, loss of financial status, retirement, empty nesters, loss of pets etc. She also facilitates Mental Health Workshops in the workplace teaching strategies that help employees deal with difficult situations. Cheryl is friendly and compassionate, and she truly wants to help people heal from their losses.