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Podcast - Managing Grief and your Bookkeeping business


I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Michael Palmer who supports Bookkeepers Businesses, and he understands the importance of managing your grief so that you are taking care of yourself so that you can better serve your clients.

Although his focus is supporting bookkeepers, everyone can benefit from the information on this podcast. We explored the importance of giving yourself permission to grieve and also how to support others in your life who are grieving. Have a listen and if you are interested in exploring this for yourself, download the 7 stepping stones to reclaiming your life after loss by clicking here.

Link to the Podcast: Podcast: Managing Grief and your Bookkeeping Business

Cheryl Parker

Article by Cheryl Parker

Cheryl Parker is a certified grief expert who has been working with clients for 14 years. She is a grief and wellness coach who helps clients to empower themselves and work through areas of their life where they are stuck. Cheryl specializes in assisting clients to release the pain caused by losses such as death, divorce, mental health issues, job loss, loss of financial status, retirement, empty nesters, loss of pets etc. She also facilitates Mental Health Workshops in the workplace teaching strategies that help employees deal with difficult situations. Cheryl is friendly and compassionate, and she truly wants to help people heal from their losses.